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Let me just say on behalf of everyone who loves beer...Wooooooo Hooooooooo!!!

anonymous jones

WOW...ur brother sure is good lookin brandie



When are you going to open?!?! Will share your menu before you open?

PDX Beer Drinkers

We'll be camping out for the opening day. Just let us know when to show up.


Getting closer, are you kidding me? I stopped by on the 18th of Nov and looked through the windows..This place is nowhere close to being open. It looks like they have quit, ran out of money. This place will be lucky to open in Feb of 2008. I'll check back later, maybe.

****HUB RESPONSE*********
Thank you for your comment and taking interest in our project enough to stop by and check us out. We are indeed still on track for opening early 2008. The brewery has been at full production for almost two months and the pub is coming together. The scope of this project is quite substantial, and we are attending to every detail to ensure that HUB quality is evident in every aspect of your experience.

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