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Yo duder!

We got your IPA on tap at Hot Lips Pizza PSU now!!! I also got one decent shot of you crossing it up at Alpenrose the other week. I will try and e-mail it to you later.

P.S. Point Blank forgot to send a tap handle!

Ich bin dirstig!

Wow. Is it still on tap there? Anywhere else? Very anxious for you guys to open.


Paddy's downtown has HUB.
Not sure what flavor but I did a HUB tap.

what is the latest on the opening date?


I am in agony waiting for opening day!


Saw and tasted it at Fire on the Mountain Wings on Interstate Avenue.


Muddy Rudder has the Red on tap.


I first encountered the HUB IPA at the Alleyway Café (nee Local Beet) on Alberta. One sample was all it took to make me a convert, and I've since tracked it down at the Concordia Alehouse. An awe-inspiring IPA, it is. Want more :)

Please publish some facts and figures about your brews... I'd love to know the IPA's ABV and IBUs.


Red is the rotating tap at Monteaux in Beaverton


Decided I couldn't wait for opening day. Went to Concordia Ale House and found the HUB IPA. Oh...my...god...what a great beer! Nice fresh hop flavor. No need to drink any other IPA, this one is top notch. I'll be glad when the open up though cause being in SE the hike to Concordia is quite long. Open up already!


what is the updated opening day?

Fall 2007 is quickly becoming Early 2008....


Your winter ale is named abominable? That's a brave name for a beer.

Jim and Helga

Christian and family... I can't wait for this to be a KOIN news gathering place. we will see you soon! jim

Dave Nash

Christian & Crew:
Really enjoyed visiting with you yesterday. The place looks awesome and of course the ales are smokin' good. The IPA is so crisp I could almost snap it in half.
All the best with the final prep. Can't wait till the grand opening and am glad to have a new place for my discretionary income. -dn


Please open!! What about a good old fashioned community bar-raising, will that help?

Andy Key

I've had your beers at American Dream Pizza and the Edge on Belmont. Really enjoyed them...when's the opening?


Are you really opening on 3/25?!?!

Here's to hoping and I'll be there just to be safe!!! Good luck with the finishing touches and we cannot wait!

Christopher Perez

You guys are within staggering distance of my home. Yea, baby!!! I can't wait 'till you open.

Your menu looks awesome. Your brew list is very nice (I tend to prefer dark, though lagers in Summer can be good for the kidneys). Your location, well, it'll be busy, what with Powell traffic whizzing by just outside your front window. Still, here's to a successful business!

My wife and I will no doubt be regular patrons. Welcome to the Richmond neighborhood!

local beer lover

My wife and I are extremely close to your place and watch the progress frequently. We plan on being there on 3/25 if that's still the plan (saw it in the paper). We're sure to be very regular patrons. Thanks for choosing to bring something nice to inner Powell!

Marc M

OK. I just drove by and the place is packed! What's up? Is this just for family/friends or a pre-opening? Let us know and we'll be there.


Ummm, hoping the Oregonian article had a typo/error about the plantings you're using. NOT SCOTCH BROOM!!! Please!!?? Maybe they meant Forsythia???

Eager for the 25th!!! Yayyy! PK


Please tell me you didn't plant Scotch Broom on your grounds. This is the most noxious weed in Oregon and is taking over the Oregon country side. It is AWFUL.


Congratulations on your opening day! I saw the news on Metblogs, and I'm looking forward to bringing my family in soon!

Best of luck to you guys.

Joel Caris

Okay, first, I stopped by on Friday and again earlier today, and I have to say that the beer is fantastic. Haven't had the pizza yet, although the cheese sticks are very tasty. I'll be back again on Tuesday with another friend.

Second, I don't know who recommended that you plant Scotch Broom, but please please please take it out! They led you astray. It is not a native and is in fact a horrible invasive that propagates wildly and crowds out good native plants, while offering essentially nothing to native wildlife. I spent two terms in AmeriCorps during which Scotch Broom was one of our prime enemies, along with English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry. I know you're in the middle of opening a new business (which has been overflowing both times I've been there) and probably the last thing you want to do is go back to worrying about the landscape, but the Scotch Broom desperately needs to go. Hell, get some replacement plants and I'll be glad to come out and volunteer to take out the scotch broom and put in the good stuff. I could probably get together a few friends go help.

Please, let's make this happen.

One Ghost

You guys rule! Best beer, best mission, most excellent pies!
Gotta take the bacon out of the bbq sauce though.
We'll be back again and again!


Good beer and food, but a wee bit expensive for the average joe who lives in the neighborhood. I love everything about your new establishment, but pizzas that are almost $30 in a tad bit much.

I think I can only afford to come during Happy Hour

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