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Robert McGowan

Looks like it's really coming together nicely guys. Can't wait for opening day. Hope everything goes smoothly over the next month. Until then, I'll enjoy your beer at the SE pubs that carry it. Cheers!

Brian Sonnichsen

We can't wait to move our Wednesday night beers and dinner with the kids from the Laurelwood to your place! I've had the IPA and it's fantastic.
Go Pacers!
(John Fullmer, Todd Lowles, and Dan Hutchins are rooting for you guys too)

Brent Harmon

We're sitting in class right now (business school) anxiously awaiting HUB's opening and as a class exercise are discussing an integrated marketing communications plan for your start up. We have had your beer and are certainly fans! You must be doing something right since I'm on your blog yet you haven't even opened your doors. See you soon.


We are excited for you to open. I have found your IPA to be one of the best I've ever tried. Thanks for introducing it to the GoodFoot and Laurelthirst!
We will be seeing you on Wednesdays, just before bowling across the street.

John Fullmer

Come'on HOPworks !! When are ya gonna open ? huh ? huh ? huh ?

Anxiously awaiting,

Marc M

I can't wait for you guys to open. I have been watching the progress since I moved to Portland in August. I tried your beer at Brooklyn Park Pub, walking distane from my house, and the last time I went there they didn't have it anymore. Did they stop carrying it? Or, better yet, maybe they ran out!

When are you going to post the menu on the web site? I'm curious to see what food you have planned to go along with such great beer!

Hopefully you will post your opening date sooner rather than later.


Rumor has it that y'all are opening on March 18, so as to not overload your new employees with the St. Patties' Day madness. Can you confirm?

Brett Lawrence

This place rocks, looking forward to hanging out at the HUB! Nice work Christian!

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